Congratulations for wanting to improve your child’s sleep and wellness (and yours!!) !

I have come to realise that mums and dads sometimes go through phases of great worry and distress about their baby’s and children’s sleep quality. Many times your child’s sleep (or lack of it) has a serious inpact on yours too.

So all your family may get a good night’s rest, lovely naps and wonderful playtime together, I have gathered simple and easy to apply suggestions in a small Workbook.

You may receive them joining my Newsletter. I send this Newsletter at most on a monthly basis, with topics such as Sleep and Wellness for your family.
The aim of my Newsletter is to help you and your children make the most of this enchanted time together – growing up, belly laughs and sweet family playtime. I also write for those who aren’t parents yet because I understand that this is a really important topic on the lifestyle we all live nowadays.

As soon as I start sending my Fairy Tales along with the Newsletter, I am considering taking the frequency up to once a week. I appreciate if you let me know wether you think this will be useful for you and any preferences you have. ♡ Use the form bellow. ♡

Nena, your Art doll Maker ♡


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