You feel like a total zombie, your baby doesn’t let you sleep and you suspect he was born with an ability (it’s more like a super power) to resist the sleep torture. Let me tell you – he’s like his mother! You have a Super Power too…but you can save it, you don’t need to use it. I’ll show you how to lull your baby.


baby and dad


Your baby was born with a lot to learn and infinite abilities. Right now he, despite being so tiny, can learn anything. He is a sponge and, because he doesn’t discern what’s the right move, he will be very creative in solutions for so many problems with the tools he has.

For instance, he doesn’t know why he wakes up so many times when taking a nap. He probably doesn’t want to and would prefer to feel the confort of a long, delicious nap. However, he was born with this thing called cyrcadian rythm and each of these cycles lasts for about 30 to 50 minutes, which is probably the ammount of time your baby sleeps in a row. After each cycle, not knowing that he could just continue warm and confy, all curled up in blankets ( that I’m thinking about it, that feels SO GOOD!) he opens his eyes looking for what’s next. He probably calls you to explain and give instructions. Your mission, should you accept it, is to delegate this task to the crib and trust your baby’s ability to be autonomous in the first big tasks of his life. I know he can do it – you should trust him too, he was born with your genes and right now you could sleep for months in a row, on a paradise island.

So, lets talk about that Island in Paradise…

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Your baby knows your lap feels like heaven. What your baby doesn’t know is that he can build his own piece of heaven in his craddle. You will help him do that.

When he wakes up, don’t rush immediatly to pick him. Instead, play with him in the crib. He’ll be lying warm and confy and, on the first few times, you are just going to reassure him. Play with him, touch him, remind him that his cute little bug friend is right there. He’ll cuddle up with the doll and be reminded that he’s in the best place in the world – the place where he sleeps for how long he wants, next to his puppet friend. All is soft and caring and familiar because you have played many times with him there, when nap time comes.


The more the craddle looks familiar, the more confident your baby will be each time he wakes up at the end of a cyrcadian rythm. He’ll feel it’s safe to go back to sleep. Give him these wings to fly, let him be autonomous. Yes, your baby may be little but he’s capable of amazing things when you teach him self-sufficience. That comes with confidence. You’re raising a great man!

You see, sleeping is scary if you don’t exactly know what it is, and on top you feel it controls you. Giving your baby the tools to feel safe and confident, you’re helping him develop emotional intelligence. This is what will improve soft skills and many important competences in adult life. This kind of exercise – giving him wings to fly and a warm embrace to come home to – is what raises great men and women. People we like having around and working with, and making plans with, for life!

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Do you have other challenges when nap time comes? I would like to help.


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