I like Sundays. They season the madness of the rest of the week. On Sunday it seems that time passes more slowly and gives me the opportunity to breathe and appreciate the moments taking place, one after the other. Light ceases for an instant as if saying – enjoy this for a moment, as in a picture. Sunday ends a week at the right pace – a slower speed, a more natural one.

When stressing weeks pile up on our schedule we value these days more. So today I’m sharing with you what to do at the end of a bad day or a stressful week. 11 simple tips to unwind.

  1. Turn off your phone. Try to spend a few hours without it, leave it on the shelf or in a drawer and really try to forget about it. This will perhaps take an effort at the beginning but focus on the time passing by, on your breath, try dreaming about something good happening right now.
  2. Take a bath. I’m take ecology very seriously, so I don’t do long baths. Especially after this Summer, when such a big part of Portugal disappeared in flames – forests, family homes – and vast regions were in shortage of water because of the continuous dry weather. So instead, take a bath, long or just a shower, but when you’re under the water really feel the blessing of that sweet warm water shower, washing all the worries down your body and in the drain. Be thankful for this.
  3. Have a cup o’ tea. Another way of feeling the cleansing is, while drinking tea or just a glass of water, to make a small visualization exercise. Imagine the journey of the water, from your mouth, down your body and cleansing all the way to your feet. Imagine it going out by the sole of your feet and carrying with it all the worries, the annoyances, all the disconfort. As it passes in every part of your body it carries the heaviness. You’re left with a freshness all over your body, open to new and bettter experiences.
  4. Walk it out. Go outside and take a walk, take deep breaths. Sometimes I’m afraid I’ll miss the time for other important chores but the reality is, taking a walk outside makes me available. Available to do better work and to think out of the box. So it isn’t wasted time, it’s an investment when the day is going wrong. If you have a garden or park nearby, take your favourite music or playlist and enter that perfect sound. When it’s sunny I take my sunglasses and do this exercise – I close my eyes while walking in the park, immersed in the music. I’m always surprised because my instincts become so sharp that, even with my eyes closed, I walk safely. Each time I try keeping them closed longer.dad and son at the beach
  5. Exercise. I love cycling and, to me, even better than walking is grabbing my bicycle and going further away. The best thing about the bike is I feel I can make more miles with less effort…also the wind on the face and body washes over all the heaviness and stress. When I come back I’m all sweaty and tired – good tired, not tired like I was before leaving – and after a shower I feel sharp and ready!
  6. Express your frustration. It helps to talk about our feelings, our frustrations on a bad day. Wether it is with someone close to us or to a journal, pour your heart out. Maybe have a coffee with a friend or write an email and take it off your chest. If you don’t want to share that feeling with anyone, try reading what you wrote and burn it with the satisfaction that the anger and frustration are cleansed in the fire.magic journal
  7. Clean. Feng shui says that if you want good vibes to come to you there are rules. One of the rules is to put the right thing in the right place. Another rule is to have your space organized. Some people are extremely tidy and others work in an apparent mess. If you are one of the latest, try arranging and tidying up your workspace a little. Even if you’re thinking – but I know where everything is! I understand you but it’s undoubtedly less stressful to come to a cleaned desk when you start working. If your day is going wrong, summon the tidiness gods to land a hand.
  8. Indulge. I’m not talking about eating sugar like it’s your last day on earth but buy that slice of cake you dream about, the one with the strawberries and the whipped cream…hmmm… Or perhaps buy something beautiful, for you or your home or office. Something that makes you feel great! You can also make an appointment at that masseuse you’ve been thinking about, or go to a sauna or a spa. Learn to forgive yourself, give yourself some love.
  9. Try a hobbie. For some people baking or knitting works as an anti-stress. Set an hour to do something you love, start a sewing project or bake a cake for later. Sharing what you did in this decompressing activity is also a good way of ending the bad vibes. By sharing the love with yourself and others, you’ll be able to increase that love and that alone is worth doing. This will turn a very bad day into a blessing moment that makes all the worries vanish and cleanses you for the future. playing music
  10. Gather a group of friends. You can share the baking, sewing or knitting you did to decompress, with your friends. You will have something special for them and they will make your day special. out with friends
  11. Meditate. I learned meditation in adolescence and I am a fan. You can do this really simply – just sit somewhere you know you won’t be interrupted and pay attention to the air entering your nose, to the lungs, filling them and then out through the nose again. Envision all the path, relax, and let go. There are also apps and tracks with guided meditations online you can use. The difference is you will listen to someone guiding you through a story. Relax and go with that flow. Even if you do this lying down, the odds are you will wake up exactly at the end of the track, which means you rested and your brain did all the healing you needed. Trust and let go.


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