…if you knew you could not fail?

– Knowing what you know now, if you would travel back to the beginning of 2017 what advice would you give to yourself?


We have an opportunity, now, of initiating something strong and structured for the coming year. Beginnings and important dates bring us hope and new strength to endure. In these times we usually make wishes and plan for dreams to come true.

So, in this start I also like to plan and prepare the tools I have, to make my dreams come true. Not all dreams will come true this year but I’m hoping some are, and they’ll be a handful. I made a bullet journal for myself – leather cover and yellow elastics to keep the journals together. Star and moon charms, a bicycle, an improvised magic wand and a fluffy red heart on the inside to bookmark the journals. Dotted paper to plan and keep track of my dreams, squared paper to keep track of my finances and plain paper for drawing dolls and sketching pieces that I’m dreaming about since I learned Macrame last Fall.

I also found a beautiful planner with an indigo cotton cover and embroidered golden constellations. I fell in love with it. Inside the layout is salmon. Lately these two colors make me feel safe and supported so I’ve made it my guidance tool.

I found out, though, that I cannot keep everything planned because I am, after all, much more spontaneous than I suspected. I had all these beautiful ideals of a planned year, with designed months and well thought weeks…and I found out that this is going to be hard to do.

This is why I’m here – to tell you how I solved the planning issue being spontaneous. I haven’t; I will do so day by day. For that I have systems and tools that I’m going to share with you along the way, and today I share something called Pomodoro.


Did you know the time when we are most focused is when we play?


Remember when you were a child and the play would shift continuously?

Now you are this doll and are going to a party…

Wait, now you are in another town and you are a cowboy…

No, you don’t understand; you’re not that anymore, now you are (…)

Kids stay focused while playing and we want to mimic that and be as productive at work.

Pomodoro is a system where you work for 25 minute blocks and stop for 5 minutes between each block. At the end of the third block you rest for 15 minutes.

I tested this system and found out that this way I remain sharp. I tend to work for hours in a row and sometimes, when I’m really involved, time flies by. Altough this is a tremendous feeling it isn’t always very productive. So, when I know I’m not productive I implement the Pomodoro. I realized that 50min blocks for me are ideal and now, sometimes, I don’t even need an allarm clock to stop because my body already knows when it is time to take a break. I found out my truest rythm and this way I feel I’m giving my best.

Other people prefer 30min blocks and even 90min. This depends a lot on what kind of work you do. I wrote about this and other organizing tips on this article. I hope you find it useful.

Being me, I’ve been here for more than 50 minutes now. This organized self is a habit and I’m making it one of this New Year’s resolutions. More than being productive, I believe organization is key. As Benjamin Franklin said:

“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”


Let’s make the most of life. Practice makes perfect so let’s practice focus – let’s play! ♡