The most important part of beginning an Organised You this year is practice and habit or routine. If your task, no matter how small, becomes a habit in a routine, in a few days you’ll do it naturally, almost as in auto-pilot.

The auto-pilot part is important because this helps you keep focused on what you need to do, instead of worrying about being super productive and checking all boxes on your to do list.

Focus on each task, make it part of your daily or weekly routine and you will achieve the goal of being organised!


Staying productive can drive us crazy but in a few simple steps and daily practice you will relieve yourself of that burden. Let’s see:

  1. Try out the Pomodoro technique and pause each 20min. For me 20min is too soon, I prefer pausing each 50min and taking a break or simply doing something else for 10min. This keeps me focused on each of the tasks and helps with creativity because I feel sharp.

Of course this depends on the kind of work I am doing. If I have a plaster mold on hands I can’t take a break, I need to respect the materials and their timings. On the other hand, when I’m doing more repetitive work like writting for hours or carving, or sanding doll’s parts, it’s helpfull to do these pauses – usually to change to another task for 10min, in my case. Otherwhise I get almost hypnotised by the movements and lose focus.

I’ve been doing this for awhile so, sometimes, I naturally know when the 50min have passed and just pause then. I found out that my body is already prepared to work for a given ammount of time when I start a given task and it already knows when to pause. It’s beautiful!

2. Each day chose 3 mains goals and start with the most difficult to you. Pass on to the most important one of the remaining goals and so on. Sometimes, for me, this method works so well that I end up achieving more goals than I had initially planned.

It’s important to start with the most difficult task when you are most focused. If you cross the items on your list in order of importance, you’ll find that the difficult ones didn’t cost that much after all and you even get extra time for something else. I’ll write more about this another day because it is worth it and sometimes very hard to do.

3. Grab a planner. You can use google calendar or a paper planner and you can even do it yourself, like a bullet journal. I made my own planner in that system and it suits me.

Write your goals – daily and weekly – on your journal and use the planner section to detail what you will do each day of your week. You don’t have to plan a whole year ahead. Break that monster into little parts. For now, plan a few days, a week if you can. Assign a day to do this, such as Sunday, and make this a weekly routine.

Start with small tasks.


These are my 3 suggestions for this week. Make a practice out of them, it will only take you 20min to do all three of them. 20min to plan a whole week – seems perfect! Especially because this simple practice will stop you from spending time in useless chores.

In the end, by spending these 20min planning on Sunday, you will gain at least one hour each day of the week to do as you please! Enjoy!


“For every minute spent in organizing, an hour is earned.”

Benjamin Franklin