What do you do when the social media decides to pour GREAT information on your feed, a whole day?

This happens to me a lot…it seems some days the bloggers and creators whose work I follow get super inspired! I love it and get excited about reading and learning all that content in a row. I don’t do it, though, or I wouldn’t productively work that day. Also, sometimes what seems to be a perfect article to read now, may end up being different than what I was expecting and I can leave it to another time.

  1. To sort this out you can just save them. Get a Favourite folder on your computer, save to instapaper…whatever suits you best. At the end of the day sort them out in a few short minutes. You can also divide them by theme or goal if you are really organised. Decide the ones that are most important at this time of your life and read those. The other ones will have a stronger impact at their right time, which is not now.
  2. For the articles that really impact your life you can create a spreadsheet where you place the link,  theme, main points it approaches and considerations you have after reading that article. This is especially helpful for work related articles. In this case you may add a tag or select it with a color symbolizing where in your work you can use this information. Later on, you just have to search for the right tag or color, to find the material you need and improve your work! I like to add also a Keyword and Hashtag section to make it faster and easier to publish information on that subject.


These practices save me a lot of time and make my learning and my work more productive. Keeping organised, even the information I read, saves me hours of research when I need to do a new puppet or write a new article about play, for instance.

When I wrote about how aromatic dolls help with baby’s sleep (and about adults’ sleep also) I didn’t have the information organised so I had to search for it all over again in my library. It took me a long time, that I could have used to begin sculpting a new art doll I had designed at the time.


How is it in your work?

  • Is it useful to organise information and work tools?
  • …or is it better to keep things spontaneous and losing all that time doesn’t really impact your work negatively?

Leave any comments or suggestions about this topic below. I love to hear from you!