I believe that often, at the beginning of things, we worry if we’re not yet good enough, experienced enough, out of the box enough…but we should embrace the beginnings as very precious moments and live them fully because it’s the inicial experiences, full of inexperience and without pre-conceptions, full of only dreams and ideals, that lead us to the most beautiful simplicity. The simplicity we strive to find later on, when we already have a world of stories to tell. ♡

I’m leaving a year full of beginnings and consequent endings. This is part of the wisdom I bring for the rest of my life. I have been a traveller, therefore leaving and arriving are familiar to me; goodbyes and hellos, embraces. May we embrace the moment in this coming year 🌟☀️

What is your main wish for next year? (in just a few hours!)


Dream catcher for baby's room.

Magical dream catcher for baby girl’s room.