At Patiferie I like to help the development of children and grown ups. Each doll that I sculpt is on a mission.

When babies need to develop fine motor skills, explore space, children less baby but still little enjoy imagining the world in their own way and need to develop social tools and deal whith their own emotions. Then I create Mariolas which give them characters with which they can make up stories, little theaters with several dolls to recreate situations with family and with friends. Social skills and emotional intelligence go side-by-side with their dolls!

Now adults are a whole different challenge…and if you like my Mariolas I tell you already – you are someone really special. When we grow up we get flooded with pre-conceptions, this “should be” this way, that person “should behave” that way… At the end of a few days in adulthood one only thinks about going back home to play with the little ones – and that is very healthy! That’s what success is made of! Role-playing assumes an important role as therapy. Play is then a way to externalizing emotions and internalizing solutions.

This is why it is so comun to have “aha!” moments after a creative and social activity such as play. You’ve helped your brain reorganize the information and gave it the space and ideal tools to create effective solutions! Bravo!

My tip:

Do you see that crossroads, the problem at work, the concern that wakes you up in the middle of the night? Try solving it by playing – chose a few Mariolas and make believe! ♡ Build a scenery where all is solved in the perfect way! ♡ You may be surprised… You will give a gigantic help to your brain, which in fact only wants to stay in bed and sleep well later in the evening.

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Soon I will show new characters and sweet little theaters and want to challenge you –describe ou let me know a character you’d like me to sculpt!

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