…your eyelids are very heavy…

It would be great that a magic step would make us fall asleep immediatly, wouldn’t it? With a baby, on top of it, we know the case can be demanding even for Luis de Matos.

Your baby has a very different way of sleeping than youres and, some times, very different from the one you wish he would have. You would like him to sleep for hours and worry that he doesn’t rest? Rest assured, mommy (or daddy – is there a gentleman who would accuse himself on comments?), it is very likely that your baby is sleeping the best he can! But we can help him do better.

A sleep cycle lasts for 30 to 50min and your baby may wake up in the end of each cycle because he doesn’t know yet how to fall back asleep each time a sleep cycle ends. One way you have to help him is to make the crib a familiar and very confortable place. Let your baby play frequently in the crib when he is awake. Be near and present him new toys, play with him too.

This way, when he goes to sleep the crib will be a known and dear place. If he wakes up in the middle of the sleep, the happy memories will bring him the confort and trust to fall back asleep quietly.

It is also important that the baby distinguishes day from nightime and parents may help him with that. The daily routine is one of the best assets to regulate his sleep. There are rituals between parents and baby like eating and bathing which, if can be done always in the same schedule, will help him find himself in amid a whole day spent between naps. From 3 months old on the circadian rythm will be established and the baby will find it easier to distinguish day from night. He will know how to recognize that the bright day is the moment to play and be awake and that when the environment gets darker and silent it is time to calm down and rest. We can help by closing the shades, lowering the sound in the house and of the street, and being cautious with the room temperature.

When placing the baby in the crib be sure he is going to sleep safely. Remove the toys and pillows that may get in the way. Remember to cover him with the sheets only up to the shoulders and well tucked under the mattress so that during sleep he won’t wrap or cover completely with them. Put the baby to sleep wiht his feet on the bottom of the crib so that during the night he won’t sleep under the sheets.

Monitorize the baby through the intercom and sweet dreams. Tomorrow you will play more.

Do you have any special tips on the art of well-lulling babies? I would love to hear it! Who knows it is useful to other parents as well…


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