I believe art can help people in very practical issues of the daily life. I believe in alying art to science to ser our daily need.

3 of the currently most pressing needs are interconected and solved with the help of sculpture here at Patiferie:

1 . Focus

2 . Memory

3 . Time


Patiferie has the most sweet and dedicated Mariolas! Each doll that leaves my hands has a mission.

The question I’ve been asked most is – How does a Mariola help a baby?

My dolls for babies benefit of studies in the area of sleep to help your baby fall sleep easily.

To do so they bring two great assets – Aromatherapy and exercises that you will learn to do with your baby, here with me at the blog. Upon receiving your Mariola you also gain access to the art of well-lulling babies.

The best of all is that, besides being so different, the adult also benefits of this gentle and aromathic Mariola.

– But what do you mean, aromatherapy…? It doesn’t seem scientific.

Aromatherapy is a holistic tecnique used to develop well-being physically and psicologically. The scents from the plants (and essencial oils derived from them) go through the olfactive channels to the limbic system, the part of the nervous system responsible for the emotions. The brain reacts to the aromatic properties with sensations. Therefore it is possible, for instance, when you are angry to feel more serene with the scent of lavander difused in the air.

There are records of their use since the egipcian civilization, por many peoples.

History says that the use of the aromas may have oriental roots, in Chine. On the other side of the world the Egiptians may have created the first distillery to collect oils such as cedar, clove and cynnamon that they used in the embalming of the dead. Even in Ancient Greece Hippocrates, the father of medicine, would have used this tecnique for his own cure. It was only in the beggining of the 20th Century that the term Aromatherapy was created by the french chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, who discovered the healing properties of the lavander essencial oil by diving in it his burned arm by accident. When he found how this oil helped Gattefosse, the surgeon Jean Valnet proposed to use it to heal wounds of the soldiers at the II World War. He therefore proved the benefits of aromatherapy in mitigating infection.


Aromatherapy for babies

Lavander doll. Aromatherapy for babies @ Patiferie


Paterie’s Mariolas help babies and grown ups fall asleep easily because on the inside of the doll I place a little sachet with biologic lavader flowers. The lavander scent is the perfect anti-stress because it calms, relaxes and relieves insomnia and agitation. It is also effective in the relieve of menstrual pain. Your baby may benefit because I don’t use essencial oil nor let it touch the baby’s skin.


In a Mariola for adult I can even incorporate a little bag with biologic rosemay leaves. The studio has been washed by a soft scent of fresh and energic rosemary, that thrills me! The purpose of rosemary is to improve focus, concentration and relieve headaches. It helps with mental and physical fatigue and stimulates memory. So having your art doll beside you when studying or working, not only improves your ambiance (because she’s pretty) but also improves the quality of your work.


Other use that I discovered for the aromatic Mariola is deliciously ancient – if you place the little doll asleep in a drawer or in a small closed space, when you reopen it you will be flooded with soothing olfactory memories.


Enjoying these moments with your baby and yourself is going to bring you more quality of life in each moment. This is precious sharing time…and it feels so good to see him sleep. ♡