It has been a while since I last wrote you and I’m here to explain this silence. Patiferie is growing little by little, my Mariolas are giving their first tiny steps into the World. They are critters born to enchant and allure, making this planet a truly glorious place. I had the proof this last weekend.

I have been studying the art of comunicating Patiferie to you the best I can, and this last weekend, for the first time, I presented my Mariolas to a group of Entrepreneurs that I’m part of. I was nervous but the instant I went up on stage and the audience saw pictures of my work, they, in unison and spontaneously, released this incredible sound –

” Aww…so beautiful! “

I was reviewing all I had to tell them when, that instant, it stroke me – they were in love and surrendered to something they felt as surprisingly magnificent. Tears came to my eyes and I shivered.

I have been sculpting my art dolls so they improve your day, so they marvel you and inspire you to make grand things each moment. These dolls and toys and puppets…they exist so you feel that your life is enhanced, as well as your children’s lives. They are small sized sculptures with a purpose! They want to help your son fall asleep cozy, help your daughter develop soft skills and master the social scene like a Queen…they want to help you better yourself in those traits of character you wish to trim.

For this reason, I want to ask you – which character would you like me to sculpt? ♡

Which character do you think would inspire you to have a wonderful day, just by looking at it before leaving to work? ♡


Leave your answer on the comments below and I will try my best to grant your every wishes! ♡


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