The worst part, for me, is being so eager to see a new doll finished but…she takes so long to build!

First I draw or sculpt sketches of the main lines for the new doll. Then, if I have doubts or feel the need to, I draw more and do some color tests with watercolors.

 If there is a fabric body, like a soft toy or a jointed doll, I draw and cut the molds for the fabrics first, to experiment with the shapes I would like the doll to have. There is a lot of doing and undoing in this phase. I often go back and forward to perfect the doll’s body, it’s general position and figure.

 Finally I gather all the tools and the clay to start making sketches of the dolls’ head. This is where I can really see it’s character coming to life. Sometimes I know exactly what kind of doll I want and other times the doll knows better than me who she/he wants to be. It is the case of the doll in the picture above. She is a soft toy, made in 100% cotton fabric, with a clay head. I sculpted many sketches in clay of the type I thought would best fit the body we wanted to give it. However I was never pleased with the result.

 That’s when I gave up thinking too much and wanting to decide everything in advance, and just let it flow.

 What came out of this thoughtless and very fluid process was the perfect character for that doll’s body! I’m always surprised by this…it’s almost like the doll already knows who she is. In this case he is a gentleman with an elegant moustache in the initial soft toy’s body. It is still a work in progress but I will be showing you the steps.


 Does this ever happen to you? You think you have it all figured out untill you realize you needn’t control the process so much, for someting was already kind of meant to be. What do you do in those moments?

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art doll supplies

Art doll head wip.

art doll head

Art doll head in the making.