…someone once said about drawing tools.

These are the wooden tools I use to carv each dolls’ face. Sometimes they also have carved hands and feet. I use mostly clay and enjoy experimenting with different molding pastes. As a sculptor and ceramist, my passion for porcelain will lead to porcelain dolls eventually but so far none of them have been honoured with the Queen of all clays. ♡

There is this ancient distinction between noble materials and somewhat inferior ones. I am not in any way biased against materials. I experiment with all that comes to hand and repurpose – this approach gives me freedom from pre-conceptions and tried solutions.

I worry about the quality of the materials and take care that my toys last for generations. There is something magical about a doll that is part of a grandchild’s heirloom from their grandmother. ♡

In fact I love pictures of vintage toys and puppets, such as those porcelain dolls and wooden puppets our parents inherited!


Have you got an antique heirloom doll at home? How is it, what do you feel when you look at it?

Leave your coments below, I love to hear from you!



carved dolls head

carving dolls head @ patiferie