handmade dolls head

carving doll head @ patiferie

…give them enough time to play. This was the result of an inspired moment by John Cleese.


Why do I say it’s inspired? Because if all we, adults, are searching for everyday is a feeling of accomplishment and success, then play is the answer.


Did you know that when we are most focused and really engaged in what we are doing is when we play?


That flow we long for at work, when no one can stop us and the ideas just seem like raining over our heads, the solutions pouring out of the sky and we even bless the roof above for letting them flow freely…? Well, it’s proven that it is much more likely to happen to those who play.


There are those who take 30′ naps after lunch – instrospection time, of course – and those who tell jokes at the coffee brake. There are some who take their children’s toys to work and make excuses “Oh, there’s Matthew again leaving his cars all over dad’s briefcase” – yeah, sure!


It doesn’t matter, it’s only natural that a commited worker will want to excell, and we know how to do our best work – our subconscient leaves little cars in the breifcase, the day before.


So what are you waiting for?


What is your favorite play?


I am proud to say that mine is make-believe! Give me costumes (or something to make them) and I’ll make a whole play out of it – three acts and all. I’m even better than a 3 year old, for I am more experienced at it!


Do you like it when you children or nephews and little cousins dare you to play? What’s the most difficult part of it, for you? (you can let it all out; we’re all grown ups here, I understand).


Leave your comments below, I love to hear from you!


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